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Types Of Danish Pastries To Buy At A Bakery

When you eat buffet breakfast at a restaurant, one type of product that you'll almost always come across is a Danish pastry. If you've enjoyed this baked good, you may wish to buy a selection at your local bakery to eat at home. You'll find Danish pastries at lots of bakeries, and it can be fun to offer this sweet treat to your family or your house guests on special occasions. One thing that you'll quickly realize when you visit a bakery is that Danish pastries are available in several different styles. Here are three popular types that you'll often find.


Perhaps the most popular type of Danish pastry is the type that has fruit in the center. The fruit is sweetened to increase the sweet taste of this pastry and is typically similar to fruit pie filling or jam. You'll find all sorts of different fruit in various Danish pastries. Apple, lemon, blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry are all popular variations that your local bakery likely has for sale. Bakeries often sell these pastries individually and in boxes. If you favor a box, you'll usually find boxes with a selection of fruit centers.


A lot of bakeries also bake and sell Danish pastries that have a custard center. This variety can be appealing to those who enjoy custard as a dessert. Custard Danish pastries usually have a richer flavor than those with fruit in the center. Some people enjoy pulling these pastries apart and spreading a little jam on each piece — thus combining the tastes of custard and fruit. You'll find that the custard in this type of Danish pastry is firmer than what you might occasionally eat in a bowl, which makes this treat fairly easy to eat without making a mess.


Cheese Danish pastries are another popular product that you'll find at a lot of local bakeries. The cheese used in these baked goods is typically cream cheese, which helps to give each bite a rich flavor. In most cases, the cream cheese won't be sweetened, so you'll get to enjoy the familiar tanginess of this dairy product along with the sweetness of the pastry. You may find that a cheese Danish pastry makes you feel fuller than one with fruit, which can be ideal if you have a big appetite in the morning. Learn more about the many Danish pastry options by visiting a bakery near you, such as Ruby Jean Patisserie.